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CAMPOST Training

 CAMPOST for CATIA V5 Course


4 days – (32 Hrs)

This unique course is offered in partnership with ICAM Technologies Corporation. The course will be taught by a CAMCOE NC specialist at ICAM's facilities in Montreal, Canada or on-site at the client's facilities. The main focus of the course is the development of custom post processors specifically for CATIA V5 using CAMPOST. In this course, users will learn to use the CAMPOST wizard to develop multi-axis Milling, Turning and Mill/Turn post processors. They will also learn how to customize the APT output from CATIA V5 with custom pptables, ppwords, user parameters etc. Finally, they will be mentored on best practices approach for integrating CATIA V5/CAMPOST to efficiently generate and manage NC code output for unique NC machine and controller combinations.


Participants must possess working knowledge of CATIA V5 NC workbenches. Good knowledge of machining practices is desired.

Topics Covered:

A.M. P.M.
  Day 1  
 *  CAMPOST – Post Processing Introduction – 60 mins
 *  CATIA V5 - Generating APT source files - 30 mins
 *  Creating Posts with CAMPOST Wizard – 90 mins.
 *  CAMPOST Quest and Gener Use – 60 mins.
 *  Using RMD for macro creation – 60 mins.
 *  Registers and Formats – 90 mins.
 *  Introduction to Macro Language – 90 mins.
  Day 2  
 * Startup / Shut down Procedures – 60 mins.
 *  Using SDL for macro creation – 90 mins.
 *  More user defined macros – 30 mins.
 *  Creating and using custom Dialog Boxes - 60 mins
 *  Introduction and use of PP Functions – 120 mins.
 *  CAMPOST / CATIA – Common NC Functions – 120 mins.
Tool Length Compensation, Tool Diameter Compensation, Fixture Compensation, Linear and Circular Interpolation, Home Point, Feedrates, Spindle commands,  Canned Cycles, Coolant commands, Arc fitting. 
  Day 3  
 *  Developing a Custom Milling Post – 60 mins.
 *  Handling Rotary Heads, Rotary Tables - 60 mins
 *  Lintol Rotary Turnaround (RTA) - 30 mins.
 *  High Speed Machining (HSM) - 30 mins.
 *  Rotation Tool Centre Point (RTCP) - 30 mins.
 *  Developing a Custom Lathe Post – 60 mins.
 *  Live Spindle Management – 30 mins.

 *  Developing Mill/Turn Post processors – 90 mins.
 *  Multi turret management – 30 mins.
 *  Other Mill/Turn Functionalities – 30 mins
  Day 4  
 *  APT syntax for CATIA - 60 mins.
 *  CATIA V5 PP commands – 30 mins.
 *  CATIA V5 NC data options - 30 mins.
 *  Creating CATIA catalogs for PP Words - 30 mins.
 *  Customizing PP Tables - 60 mins.
 *  Creating and using CATIA user Parameters - 30 mins.
 *  Creating a custom CATIA Workbench – 30 mins.
 *  Customizing NC Toolbars in CATIA – 30 mins.
 *  CATIA / CAMPOST Settings & Administration – 60 mins.
 *  Best Practices Approach for NC Data Output – 60 mins.
 *  User Question and Answer Session – 60 mins.


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