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NC Services

CATIA V5 - NC Consulting Services

All CAMCOE NC Manufacturing services are executed through Dassault Systemes. You are therefore assured of receiving the best NC consulting services available for your superior CATIA  V5 NC machining solution. All CAMCOE NC consultants are very experienced, knowledgeable, courteous and highly professional.

CAMCOE's CATIA V5 NC specialists can come to your NC manufacturing facility either for a short consulting service or for long planned executions to fully standardize CATIA V5 to your particular company standards and practices. No matter what your CATIA V5 NC service needs are, you can count on CAMCOE to mentor, teach, or consult with your programmers, engineers, or managers. We always cater to your companies standards and particular procedures.

Companies find our NC services to be extremely beneficial in helping improve the productivity of their NC programming department through our proven methodologies and best practices. To this day, every single company that our consultants have been to, have always requested them to come back for more teaching, mentoring, and consulting because of high customer satisfaction.

An affirmation on our consulting services.
On our very first visit, we will demonstrate and train you on our V5 NC methodologies and techniques that will reduce your programming time and costs by a minimum of 20%.

Below is a list of just some of the many topics of CATIA V5 NC Manufacturing expertise that we train and consult on.

CATIA V5 NC Module selection based on requirements
Setup of CATIA NC setup files based on company standards
Configuration of CATIA V5 Machining Environment and CATSettings
Setting up CATIA V5 to work with upstream and downstream programs
Data files management under the PPR Structure
CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 model data conversion and interoperability
Creation and management of NC data (Part, NC Geometry etc)
Creation and management of Fixtures
Methodology for creating and managing the NC CATProduct master assembly
Creation and management of CATProcess template seed models
Replication of customer specific NC Programming practices
NC programming corporate knowledge capture and reuse
Creating and maintaining Machining Process Catalogs
Moving or Relocating NC Data files (links management)
Methodology for programming similar parts (Family of Parts)
Methodology for machining parts with multiple stages or setups
Programming similar and dissimilar multiple or opposite hand parts
Creating and maintaining Tool catalogs
Application of Machining features in NC (zones, areas, rework, offsets etc)
Creating and customizing of NC shop floor documentation
Methodology for using Head attachments with CATIA V5
Methodology for programming Facing Heads (Tete D'Andrea) with CATIA V5
Methodology for complete implementation of Renishaw probing routines
Creation of STL files of Part, Fixtures etc for Vericut input
Management and propagation of design changes in NC Programming
NC data output settings management (PPTables, APT format, NC data output)
Complete development and integration of Post Processors for CATIA V5
Design and development of machine tool model for simulation
Development and integration of Control Emulator for NC data simulation
Creation of validation, certification scenarios for CATIA V5 release level image
Validation and new functionality testing of CATIA V5 Rxx SPy in NC environment
Documentation of all the methodologies, techniques and processes


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