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CATIA V5 - NC Machine Tool Simulation

NC Simulation


CAMCOE is a leader in providing complete end to end solutions for CATIA V5 NC Machine tool simulation. The NC simulation services are offered in partnership with Dassault Systemes Inc and ICAM Technologies. The service includes building the machine tool model in CATIA V5 and developing the required post processor and control emulator in CAMPOST. Finally, CAMCOE experts will install and train the users on the effective implementation of the CATIA V5 NC verification solution.

A cutting edge advantage of CATIA V5 NC Machining Solutions is the integrated simulation and verification which enables programmers to check tool paths within the NC programming session. This capability avoids the need to copy data to external software for verification. Thus as a single solution, it contains the common library of parts, tools, fixtures and machine tool models. Fully integrated MCD (G-code) machine simulation accounts for all the motion, eliminating unexpected motions that can appear during post processing.

To help check the tool path for possible errors, CATIA V5 Machine Tool Simulation provides the visualization capability for integrated material removal and tool path simulation. It also checks for collisions, gouges and travel limits. Integrated verification is immediately accessible during the tool path creation process rather than output for replay at the end of the process.


Training & Support:
CAMCOE offers Training & Support Services to train and help you develop everything that is required for your machine tool simulation. CAMCOE will help you create the machine tool models necessary for your NC simulation using the MTB module of CATIA V5. They will also train and help you develop the required post processor (PP) and  control Emulator (CE) using CAMPOST. This service is applicable to clients who want to develop and maintain their own machine tool models, post processors and control emulators. Clients are required to have the necessary development licenses for the above modules and software.


Development & Implementation:
CAMCOE offers Development & Implementation Services to clients who want to use the NC machine tool simulation as a ready to go "Plug and Play" option. CAMCOE will develop and install everything required for your NC machine tool simulation. CAMCOE will create the machine tool models necessary for your simulation in CATIA V5 along with the required post processor (PP) and  control Emulator (CE) in CAMPOST. This service is beneficial to clients who do not have the time or expertise on hand to develop everything necessary for NC simulation themselves or for  clients who have complex machines and functionalities that need to be implemented. Clients are required to have the necessary runtime licenses for the above modules and software.


CAMCOE's NC Simulation services is your one stop shop to CATIA V5 NC Simulation !.

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