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CATIA V5 - NC Manufacturing Training Course

Standard Lathe



Duration: 2 days – (16 Hrs)

At the end of this course, users will learn to utilize the CATIA V5 with 2 to 4 axis turning capability and also learn to generate NC programs. Participants will learn to define and manage turning operations, being aware of all capabilities in terms of strategies, parameters and transition paths. They will also learn how to define and manage NC programs dedicated to machining parts designed with Surface or Solid geometry using the CATIA V5 LMG workbench. Finally, users will learn how to efficiently generate and manage NC programs.

Participants should possess basic working knowledge in a CATIA V5 environment and ought to be proficient in Sketcher, Part Design and Assembly Design. Knowledge of basic lathe machining practices is required.

Topics Covered:

A.M. P.M.
  Day 1  
 *  CATIA V5 – NC Mfg Workbench Presentation – 45 mins.
 *  Part Operations & Manufacturing Programs – 45 mins.
 *  Lathe Roughing – 60 mins.
 *  Grooving – 45 mins.
 *  Profile Finishing – 45 mins.
 *  Recessing – 45 mins.
 *  Groove finishing – 45 mins.
 *  Transition Paths (macros) – 30 mins.
 *  Threading – 60 mins.
 *  Sequential Operation – 60 mins.
  Day 2  
 *  Ramp Roughing – 60 mins.
 *  Ramp Recessing – 60 mins.
 *  Axial Operations – 45 mins.
 *  Tool Path Verification – 45 mins.
Auxiliary Operations – 30 mins.
 *  PP commands – 30 mins.
 *  Generating Outputs (APT Source - NC Code) – 45 mins.
 *  PP Table modification – 30 mins.
 *  Lathe Tool Management – 45 mins.
 *  Machining Process Creation – 60 mins.
 *  User questions and wrap up - 30 mins.

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