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NC Services

CATIA V5 - NC Methodologies

CAMCOE's CATIA V5 NC specialists will come to your NC manufacturing facility to standardize and train you on the latest CATIA V5 methodologies, techniques and best practices. Whatever your CATIA V5 NC service needs are, you can count on CAMCOE to impart the techniques, tips and methodologies. Below is a brief list of just some of the many topics of CATIA V5 NC Manufacturing that we mentor on.


  PPR Structure data files management - Best Practices
Best practices for setting up of file and directory structure for efficient working. Location of files. Links management of Work in Progress and Approved NC Programs.

  CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 interoperability
Techniques for converting or using V4 models in CATIA V5 NC. Use of Visualization layers, Sets, User patterns etc.

  Multi CAD data machining in CATIA V5
Methodologies for CATIA V5 NC machining of parts created in other CAD systems such as Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, SolidWorks etc. 

  Multi Format data machining in CATIA V5
Techniques for CATIA V5 NC machining of model data available in STL, Cloud points, Parasolid, IGES, STEP etc.

  Management of NC data (Part, NC Geometry etc)
File functions for creating new Parts and Products from scratch and from existing files. Checking and cleaning of "klingons"

  Creation and management of Fixtures
Creation, location, management and use of Fixtures, Fixture catalogs and Fixture catalog families.

  DML Methodology for Master NC CATProduct creation
"DML - direct model link" technique for creating and managing the master Assembly CATProduct and seed models.

  CATProcess Templates and Seed models
Creating Seed and Template CATProcess files from scratch and from also from existing CATProcess - with and without geometry links.

  Machining Process Catalogs
Different methods for creating Machining Process and Process catalogs - Pros and Cons of different methods

  Links management for NC Data files
Ideal methods for moving, relocating and re-linking NC data files. Checking and cleaning of "ghost links"

  Programming similar parts (Family of Parts)
"Family of Parts" machining.  Design aspects, Manufacturing aspects.

  Machining parts with multiple stages or setups
Methods for machining parts involving multiple stages, multiple setups, multiple machines. CGR Products management and In process model management.

  Programming similar, dissimilar, multiple, opposite hand parts
Techniques for programming parts involving, scaling, affinity, spring back, opposite, rotation, mirroring, transformation etc.

  Design changes in NC Programming
Best Practices for management and propagation of design changes in NC Programming

  Tool catalogs
Different methods of creating, using and maintaining Tool Catalogs. Managing Speeds, Feeds, Coolants, Tool attributes etc.

  Application of Machining features and Publications
Creation and usage of zones, areas, reworks, offsets and publications.

  NC shop floor documentation
Techniques for customizing shop floor documentation

  Using Head attachments with CATIA V5
Methodology for using 90 degree angle, and variable angle HEAD attachments

  Programming Facing Heads (Tete D'Andrea)
Methodology and options for programming a Facing Head (Tete D'Andrea)

  Machines with Co-linear Axis
Techniques for programming NC machines with co-linear axis.

  Live spindle management for Mill / Turn machines
Methodology for programming C Axis "live spindle" on Mill / Turn machines

  NC data output management
Customizing of PPTables, APT format, NC data output

  High Speed Machining (HSM)
Methods of generating HSM tool path and HSM machine codes.

  NURBS Data Output
NURBS data output methods and formats for Siemens NC Controllers

  Embossing and Engraving with CATIA V5 NC Mfg
Techniques for machining of embossed or engraved text, logos etc with CATIA V5

  STL files for Vericut input
Techniques and custom scripts and macros for creation and positioning of STL files of Part, Stock, Fixtures for Vericut input.

  Renishaw probing routines
Complete methodology for implementation of Renishaw probing routines in CATIA V5 NC


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