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Post Processor - Development Services

Custom Post Processor Development:


CAMCOE Manufacturing Solutions in partnership with ICAM Technologies Corporation, the makers of the "best in class" CAMPOST NC post processors offers development,  implementation and consulting services for CATIA V5 NC post processors. All post processing services by CAMCOE will be executed in conjunction with ICAM Technologies Corporation.

Some standard features of CAMPOST NC Post-Processors are: Tape or DNC output. Support for any CNC machine. Axis and feed rate checking. HTML capable output. Cross-platform database compatibility. Travel times, machine time, and tooling summary. Functions in imperial, and/or metric units.

As a general thumb rule, it is advisable for customers with less than 5 NC machines to buy custom developed post processors. Custom developed posts are also recommended when your machine tools are complex and difficult to program, and you do not have the time or expertise on hand. At CAMCOE we have many years of unmatched experience of combining CATIA V5 and CAMPOST to handle multiple axes, special attachments, unique functions and features which require considerable experience for the average user or even for a seasoned user. CAMCOE's expert post processing services solves all of your PP issues by being your one stop shop.

Each custom developed post processor is guaranteed to provide perfect output and will be highly optimized for your machine tool performance and user preferences. CAMCOE will develop and deliver each post as a complete package with an example CATProcess, a highly customized pptable, power point documentation on using it, sample aptsource and sample tape output files. Although many companies may develop and deliver posts which may produce acceptable output to you, with a CAMCOE developed post, you can be assured that automation is done not only on the post side but also on the CATIA side to provide you with consistent, optimized and reliable output generation, that is combined with ease of use.


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