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CATIA V5 - Primary Course

 Mold Tooling Design Course



Duration: 5 days – (40 Hrs)

CAMCOE provides this customized course as an end to end solution from the design of the molded part to the manufacturing of the associated mold tooling. This course has been specifically designed for NC Programmers, Engineers and Management people who require complete CATIA V5 fundamental and mold design skills to be cooperatively used downstream with PMG, SMG and AMG NC Manufacturing workbenches of CATIA V5.

At the end of this course, participants will be fully skilled in creating sketches, solids, surfaces, assemblies, drawings, cores and cavities and mold tooling which are all necessary to machine molds with the CATIA V5 NC manufacturing solutions.

Participants must possess basic working knowledge in Part Design, Assembly and Surface Design.

Topics Covered:

A.M. P.M.
  Day 1  
 *  CATIA V5 Mold Tooling – Introduction – 60 mins.
 * Sketcher and Part Design Review - 180mins.

Operation, Profile, Constraints, Creating Points, Lines, Circles, Sketching Pre-Defined Profiles, Creating Pads, Pockets, Thin solids, Shafts
 *  Part Design Review continued.. - 240 mins
Creating Holes, Fillets, Draft, Chamfer, Shell, Ribs, Patterns, Rectangular, Circular, User, Boolean Operation, Part Modifications
  Day 2  
 *  Wireframe and Surface Design Review - 240 mins
Wireframe: Points, Lines, Circles and Planes, Extrusion, Offset, Sweeping, Filling, Blending, Lofting, Boundary, Intersection, Open Body, Part Body, Join, Split, Fillet, Translate, Project, Extract
 *  Assembly Design Review - 240 mins
General Assembly process, Inserting Components, Compass control, Replacing Components, Moving Components, Constraints, Space Analysis, Measuring Tools, Flexible and Rigid Assembly
  Day 3  
*  Drafting Overview - 240 mins
View Creation Wizard, Primary, Section, Detail, Clipped, Break, Text and Dimensioning, Drawing Standards,
Saving CATDrawing, Printing
 *  Core and Cavity Design - 240 mins
Importing a Model, Comparing Two Molded Parts, Bounding Box, Main Pulling Direction with and without Draft,  Pulling Direction for Sliders, Transferring Elements, Splitting a Face, Aggregating Surfaces, Exploding the View, Orienting Faces, Parting Line, Chaining Edges, Parting Surface, Light Surface
  Day 4  
*  Core and Cavity Design contd..  - 240 mins
Sectioning, Creating Section Planes, Creating 3D Section Cuts, Manipulating and Positioning Planes, Using the Edit Position and Dimensions Command, Displaying Boundaries of Surfaces, Smoothing Edges, Analyzing the Pulling Direction Searching Fillets, Reducing the Fillet Radius
 *  Mold Tooling Design – 240 mins
Defining the Mold Base, Splitting the Core and the Cavity, Adding and Removing Plates, Inserting Components, Positioning Ejector Pins on a Mold Base, Creating a Gate, Creating a Runner, Creating a Coolant Channel, Positioning a Slider
  Day 5  
 *  Mold Tooling Design contd.. – 240 mins
Holes, Analyzing Holes in Plates, Drilling Components, Creating Distributed Drill Component, Drilling Lists, Catalogs, Adding user Catalog, Linking user Catalog to Another, Applying user Catalog, Generating the Bill of Material,  Using Drafting Functionalities
 *  Mold Tooling Application – 90 mins
Power copies, User defined features, Product knowledge templates, Creation, instantiation and cataloging
 *  Mold Tooling in NC - PMG, SMG, AMG – 120 mins
 *  User questions and wrap up - 30 mins.


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